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A Message From Our President

In a world of uncertainty, White Chapel's commitment to beauty, honor, hope and human dignity remains unchanged. We are steadfast in the high level of attention and respect we pay not just to those at rest within our green and growing borders, but those they have left behind as well. We are, in every way, a cemetery for the living.

We've been diligent throughout the years in our efforts to expand and maintain a now-200-acre estate that exists as a serene and splendid celebration of life. With their lovely sculptured gardens, lush lawns and winding boulevards, our grounds are a living monument, a majestic blend of human achievement combined with nature's grandeur.

Noble for the departed, White Chapel is stately and inviting for the living. We guarantee that within our green growing borders, families and friends of all faiths and walks of life will find comfort, solace, and a truly life-affirming environment that can even inspire a bit of awe and, better yet, a smile of aesthetic appreciation. From the beauty of our surroundings to the level of care and counseling we provide to the special events and services we extend to the community at large, we are incredibly proud of what White Chapel has come to mean to so many people. We will continue in our unflagging efforts to ensure that you share this feeling as well.

David P. Krall, President

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